Spiritual Science Exhibition 2020

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At Udupi, the lord meets the acharya of Madhva Sampradaya

Lord Chaitanya initiates Tukaram and meets Shri Ranga Puri at Pandharpura

Lord Chaitanya deals with the Bhattatris

Lord Chaitanya goes to see Panakala Narasimha

Lord Chaitanya meets Ramanand Ray and they discuss about the highest perfection

Lord Chaitanya meets Vyenkata Bhatta at Shri Rangam

Lord Chaitanya cures

Vasudeva, the leper

Lord Chaitanya pleased with Ramdas Vipra's love & devotion unto Lord Rama

Lord Chaitanya finds Bilvamangal Thakur's Krishna Karnamrita

Lord Chaitanya pleased seeing the illiterate Brahmana's ecstacy at Shri Rangam

Mahaprabhu embraces the 7 Palm trees while returning from South India Yatra

The glories of the Holy Name of Lord Krishna and Lord Rama

The Brahmana Kurma , at Kurma kshetra

Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu meets Ramanand Raya

The Buddhist acharya confronts the Lord

Meeting with Paramanand Puri

The 5th Chapter of Brahma Samhita discovered at Adi Keshava temple

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