Spiritual Science Exhibition 2020

   Stall 15   

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Lord Chaitanya's mercy on Shivanand sen's dog

Haridas Thakur tells Lord Chaitanya how the conditioned souls can be delivered

Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu spreads religious principles through men of low birth

Sanatana gets a disease and arrives at Jaganath Puri

Rupa Goswami's 2 Drama Scripts & arrival at Jagannath Puri

Rupa Goswami composes a new verse during Rath Yatra

Rupa Goswami composes a verse on holy name and recited verses from his dramas

Shivanand  Sena tests Nakula Brahmachari

Narasimhanand Brahmachari brings Chaitanya Mahaprabhu to Bengal

Bhagavan Acharya's brother Gopal arrives at Nilachala

Junior Haridas begs rice from Madhavadevi and Lord rejects him

Damodar Pandit's relation with Chaitanya Maha

The Lord sends Pradyumna Mishra to Ramanand Ray

Swarup Damodar rejects the drama and chastises its auhor

Lord Chaitanya's mercy on Paramananda Puri's well