Spiritual Science Exhibition 2020

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Adwaita acharya promises to cause the Lord's appearance

Advent of Shri Chitanya Mhaprabhu

Lord Nimai and the snake

Lord Nimai induces ladies to do Harinam Sankirtan since Childhood

Lord Nimai acepts the brahmana's offerings

Ankle bell sounds when Lord Nimai walks

Lord Nimai eats dirt 

Demigids come to visit Lord Nimai

Lord Nimai accepts the Ekadashi offering of Jagadisha and Hiranya Pandit

Lord Nimai disturbs the neighbours

Lord Nimai plays in the courtyard

Reasons for Lord Chaitanya's appearance 

Lord Krishna reveals the form of Lord Gauranga to Narada Muni

Lord Nimai cries for the moon

Lord Nimai breaks all pots and acts innocent

Lord Nimai's name giving ceremony

Lord Nimai's 32 bodily features

Lord Nimai's Annaprashana ceremony

The two theives try to kidnap Lord Nimai

Lord Nimai chastises his mother