Spiritual Science Exhibition 2020

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Lord Nimai starts His education, Chundakarma & Karnaveda

Lord Nimai's mischeivous Pastimes at Ganga


Vishwambhar summons Vishwaroopa from Advaita acharya's house


Lord Nimai requests His mother not to eat grains

Lord Nimai's sacred thread ceremony

Lord Nimai's logic with His friends

A Brahmana appears at Jaganath Mishra's dream

Nimai accepts the offerings of the girls

Shasthi puja

Nimai's puppy love

 Nimai sits on discarded pots

Jaganath Mishra stops Nimai's studies

Jaganath Mishra tries to catch Lord Nimai troubling Brahmanas

Gangadas Pandit becomes Lord Nimai's teacher

Vishwaroop's unhappiness

Vishwaroop leaves home after sanyas