Spiritual Science Exhibition 2020

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Rendered by :

Jagannath Mishra's dream and disappearance

Lord Nimai argues with Murari Gupta


Nimai debates with Mukunda and Gadadhara

Lord Nimai roams around Navadwip

Lord Nimai meets the astrologer

Lord Nimai meets Kolavecha Shridhar everyday

Lord Nimai meets Shrivas Pandit while going home

Lord Nimai experiences ecstacy

Lord Nimai plays the Harinam Game


Lord Chaitanya defeats arrogant Digvijay Pandit

Lakshmipriya devi's activities.

20 sanyasis visit Lord Nimai's house

Nimai brings gold for his mother

Lord Nimai teaches Mukunda Sanjay's son

Lord Nimai's marriage with Lakshmi Priya Devi

Nimai meets Ishwar Puri

Lord Nimai meets Tapan Mishra

Lord Nimai returns to Navadwipa

Lord Nimai departs for East bengal and Lakshmipriya Devi's Disappearance