Spiritual Science Exhibition 2020

   Stall 5   

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The snake charmes recognizes devotion in Haridas Thakur

Haridas thakur changes a prostitute into a devotee


Advaita Acharya offers Shraardha plate to Haridas thakur


Lord Gaurahari meets Ishvara Puri at Gaya and gets initiated


Lord Nimai starts teaching everything in relation to Lord Krishna

Lord Gaurachandra shows His Varaha Form to Murari Gupta

Shrivas Pandit pacifies Mother Sachi about Lord Nimai's ecstasy

Lord Vishwanbara visits Adwaita Acharya's house

Lord Gauranga renounces teaching and starts sankirtan movement

Nimai Chastises residents of Shrihatta

The opulent marriage of Lord Nimai and VIshnupriya

Ramachandra Khan punished by Lord Nityanand

Haridas Thakur stays at Balaram Acharya'shouse

The Nawab imprisons Srila Haridas Thakur

Test of Mayadevi

Haridas thakur and the snake charmer

Lord Nimai returns from Gaya 

Lord Nimai's change after returning from Gaya

Lord Nimai visits Ratnagarbha Acharya

Gadadhara Pandit pacifies Lord


Lord meets and blesses Shrivas and his family


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