Spiritual Science Exhibition 2020

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Lord Chaitanya chases the foolish student with a stick in His hand

Lamenting of VishnuPriya Devi


After taking Sannyasa, the Lord is known as Shri Krishna Chaitanya


Lord Chaitanya accepts sannyasa from Keshav Bharati at Katwa

Lamenting of Sachimata

Lord Chaitanya tells about His sannyas to Lord Nityananda, Murari & Gadadhara

Gaurang tells secret to Murari Gupta

Lord Chaitanya starts for vrindavan

Verse recited by Srila Madhavendra Puri during the last days of his life

Lord Nityanand breaks Lord Chaitanya's Sanyas Danda

Nityanand Prabhu leads the Lord to Adwaita Acharya's house

Mother Sachi comes to Shantipura to see her son

Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu decides to reside at Jaganath Puri

At Remuna, the temple of Kheer Chora Gopinath, Pastimes of Madhvendra Puri

At the temple of Sakshi Gopal at Kataka , the story of two brahmanas